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Contact Steve Copulsky at or 704-543-7493.  Comments and suggestions are welcome, including suggestions for additions to the website.  Information is incomplete for some of the art on the website and any help would be appreciated.  All photos by Steve Copulsky unless noted.

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-The works of art shown on this website include pieces purchased by the public art program as well as  private purchases and commissions.

-Information from The Arts and Science Council concerning the public art program:

   "The ASC Public Art Program views public art as integral to a community's fabric by recognizing the potential of art to create livable cities, enhance neighborhood identities, strengthen economic development and tourism, educate children and adults, and enrich the spirit and pride of its citizens.  A volunteer board, the Public Art Commission, oversees the artist selection process for the program."

   "Charlotte-Mecklenburg's public art program was initiated in 1981.  During 2002-03, Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners and the Charlotte City Council adopted ordinances that allocate 1 percent of eligible capital investment funds for public art, ensuring that artworks will continue to grace our public spaces and enhance urban and economic development efforts."

Source: The ASC Charlotte-Mecklenburg Center City Public Art Walking Tour guide. 
Visit The Arts and Science Council website to download this guide, which includes indoor art:

-The Queens Table is a group of anonymous public art donors.  Their gifts include the four statues at The Square (Trade & Tryon) by Raymond Kaskey, Queen Charlotte by Kaskey at the airport and "Aspire" by Greg Wyatt on the CPCC campus.